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This is Why Cameroon Limits the Use of Social Networks in the Country

It is within the forces of law and order that the use of social networks will experience an important restriction. The use of social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter will only be used with the agreement of the military hierarchy. In addition, the use of mobile phones is prohibited for Cameroonian police officers in office.

The same is true of military forums hosted on social networks. They will also be uninstalled. The government is also asking gendarmes to remove personal profiles identifying their military status. To the question, which would have motivated this decision, the Ministry of Defense indicates that it is in the perspective of reducing the risk of publication of official documents and / or confidential on the web. Some images may also in some cases contribute to harm the image of the police.


It is recalled that in 2017, the internet had been cut in the southwest and northwest of Cameroon for several months and demonstrations were banned. But curiously, the images filtered on social networks. Human rights groups said the police used force to quell the protests, killing up to 40 people. But the army spokesman dismissed the accusations as rumors.

Amnesty International has recently published a report that reports acts of torture against civilians, arbitrary arrests, burning schools and attacks on teachers and others.

But for the government’s spokesman, these allegations of abuse are “diametrically opposed to realities on the ground”. They do not help the reputation of the Cameroonian forces. Many people agree that Cameroon is in crisis.


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