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This is Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue

When you get on a plane with an attractive interior, you recognize it instantly. (Think, for example, Virgin America, and its nightclub, purple and luminescent cabins.) That’s because most airplane interiors are completely dull by default.

But the motivation behind the decision-making of the aircraft designers is not meant to discourage you with a banal aesthetic. Instead, it is theoretically meant to satisfy passengers – and it’s far from being a mere coincidence.

According to Boeing, color – and the science behind it – is a key consideration in aircraft interior design.

”  Color psychology plays an important role in the development of overall appearance ,  notes Boeing on his website. “Studies show that people from different cultures associate certain colors with similar emotions or concepts. Blue or green is almost unanimously associated with peace. Shades of pink and lavender mean love, while blue or purple can mean nobility. ”


So there you have it, your blue seats, often dull, invariably dark are actually intended to relax. (Does it work?)

Boeing said designers who specialize in color psychology also emphasize the importance of color for the passenger experience: “Lighter colors can make something look taller, bigger, wider and more open. Darker colors give the feeling of lower, smaller, narrower and more closed spaces.

Blue and green tones can also help a person feel cooler, and “blue can send a clean or fresh scent message”.

So, the next time you walk into the cabin of a plane with a blue interior, you may discover how calm and peaceful you feel in a space you perceive as expansive and expansive.


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