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This Is Why 11-year Old Ramesh’s Skin Is Turning To Stone – Top Doctors Reveal!!

11-year old Ramesh Darji was born as normal as any other baby. He was healthy and full of life until 15 days after, when his skin started to peel off.

As the skin peeled, it was replaced by dark and thick scales. This gave the little boy so much pain.

Ramesh’s parents, Nanda and Nar Darji, went to the hospital but were told it was a Fungal infection which they could not help him with. They later discovered that their little boy was suffering from Ichthyosis.

Ichthyosis is a rare genetic skin disorder in which dead skin cells accumulate in thick, dry scales on the skin’s surface.

Ramesh Darji suffers serious pains from the disorder and a whole lot of rejection in the midst of other children. The young child is always alone with family because other children are scared of him and would not play with him.


Discovering Ramesh’s skin disorder did not make any difference to his state. His parents still could not take further steps to help him because they lacked the funds to do so.

Letting the disorder breed on him for long affected Ramesh’s movement. He could not walk.

35-year old Nanda earns 7,000 Nepalese Rupee (£44) a month for his work as a laborer. His salary could not cover extra medical bills.

“We took him to a few doctors in our district but we were told that treatment was costly and only available in private hospitals.”

“We did not have enough money and had no choice than to keep Ramesh home and do our best.”

As fate would have it, unexpected help came for the boy and his parents. A video of Ramesh Darji had gone viral on the internet. Nepalese singer Sanjay Shrestha saw the video. A t the time she was helping British singer Joss Stone to put a concert together.


“I got an email from Joss’ team saying they wanted to perform here and said they wanted to support a local charity.”

“In the meantime, I saw a video on social media about this poor boy so I sent them the link and she immediately decided to help him.”


In honor of Ramesh the concert in Kathamandu raised £1,375 for his treatment through the Joss Stone Foundation. But the British singer did not stop there. The next day she spent hours playing with the usually lonely boy and showering him with gifts.


Ramesh is now receiving treatment at the Kathmandu Medical College. Doctors are optimistic that he could start walking again. The dead skin layers have been removed and his skin is being treated with antibiotics and moisturizers.

“I am very grateful to Joss Stone for her initiative to help my son and I would never be able to thank her enough. She has done what nobody else could do here. I owe my life to her.”-Nanda.


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