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This Is What Grace Mugabe’s ex-Husband, Goreraza Has To Say About ‘Mugabe And Mandela’s ANC Remark’

Despite the fact that Nelson Mandela was offered millions of dollars and release from jail if he took up a quiet life and quit politics all together, but he rejected the offer. Another offer was made, a power sharing arrangement with the apartheid regime with handsome financial rewards, again he refused and said:

“My personal freedom and that of South Africans cannot be separated ”

They tried to break him down but it only made him stronger.

He sacrificed 27 years of his life for the country and people he loved. Then when he took power, after winning in FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS, he gave up power after only 5 years.

So how can a man who has never won a free and fair election ,is in power by force, has been in power for almost 40 years, go and accuse Nelson Mandela of being a dictator?


His legacy speaks for itself. He forgave those who persecuted him and joined black and white together. He invited the prison guards who saw to it he was always locked up, to his inauguration and sat them as VIP’s.

His message was black and white were equal and the whole world loved him, black and white. Will your funeral be like his, or the whole world will sing good riddance?

An evil man can never speak good, especially of a good man. An evil man makes good bad and bad good.

The history of Nelson Mandela can never be soiled by one man speaking from where waste exits his body.

Right there in Zimbabwe, Mandela is loved more than anyone in the icecream business, more than anyone who speaks ill of his greatness.

You will never be in his class, all the jealousy and envy in the world will never put you on the same footing with him. He loved people and you love power.


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