This Is What Grace Mugabe Has To Say To Africans, After Hiding Out During The Assault Allegation

Effortlessness Mugabe as of late expressed that her two children ‘have turned out to be wild and have taken to lager gorges and medications’ while in South Africa.

Notwithstanding, for South Africans, this tragic situation has turned into the standard.

We have lost our children and girls to drugs. Give us a chance to hold hands. Give us a chance to hold hands with the police, principals, instructors, attendants, specialists, group pioneers, councilors and officials.


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As communities, we need to stand together against the onslaught on our youth. Against those that want to do business at the expense of our children.

Amidst all this sorrow, we are amazed that people such as the “Dagga Couple” can be so brazen as to want to make S.A. the dagga basket of Africa and the whole world. Is it merely ignorance, or is it the desire to enrich themselves, that has led them to lay our children on the altar of drug abuse and destruction?


The damage dagga is causing in our country is rampant. Some within our communities have even lost their minds. We see them every day on our streets pushing trollies. Youngsters at street corners, lurking around to find money for the next fix. These children should have been in school. In fact, principals all over the country are expressing great concern. They say that the children giggle and laugh after eating space cakes (dagga muffins).

That after consuming dagga children are ruthless and arrogant. In some school’s children turn to violence as they compete for customers, selling dagga to our children.

Some sell dagga laced with whoonga or nyaope to our children, to secure regular clients. Our children are not safe at school anymore. Some use dagga to gain sexual consent from girls. Others use dagga to gain the courage to highjack cars and to break into homes. Youngsters steal from home and their communities to feed their habit.

What will become of South Africa? Should people such as the “Dagga Couple” not rather go to Colorado and grow their green fields there? Why do they have to burden and oppress us further? We have grown weary…

However, as Grace said, let us “not give up on [our] children, we need to soldier on.”

Please rid us of the parasites that are drugging our children!

We ask all parents, teachers and those who share our concern for the future of the young people of the nation, to join us in protest against the legalization of cannabis in South Africa. Help! Our Country is dying!


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