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This is the Second Leading Cause of Cancer in Women – According to International Statistics

According to international statistics, smoking is the leading cause of cancer in women. But stand by, beside this reality, has been discovered another cause that should not be neglected at all.

It’s about obesity. It is a factor that is sidelined but recent research confirms that it is the other cause a little more than the first one that leads to cancer in women.

According to a Cancer Research UK report, currently, 12% of cancers in women are smoking related and 7% are overweight and obese.


But with the number of smokers falling and obesity rates expected to rise, the agency estimates that this gap will disappear in 25 years.

According to Cancer Research UK forecasts, by 2035, 10% of cancers in women (about 25,000 cases) could be related to smoking and 9% (about 23,000 cases) to being overweight.


It has been noted that obesity is more common in men, but obesity among women is a more important factor of cancer than smoking.

The analyzes indicate that smoking-related cancer types include acute myeloid leukemia, lung, bladder, intestine, cervix, pancreas and stomach.

On the other hand, cancers related to overweight or obesity include the intestines, gall bladder, kidneys, liver, breast, ovaries and thyroid.



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