This Is The ‘Immediate Nuclear Threat’ To The US According To Leader, Kim Jong Un

According to a statement by Kim Jong Un, the rapid development of North Korea’s military nuclear forces would have profoundly affected the aggressive rhetoric of the United States.


For the Central News Agency of North Korea, President Kim Jong Un believes that since North Korea is able to represent an immediate nuclear threat to the United States, Washington is deeply concerned about this nuclear ascent.


” Our Republic has become a strategic state capable of representing an immediate nuclear threat to the United States, and no one in the world can deny this fact,  ” the North Korean leader says, quoted by the North Korean Central News Agency. .

For Kim Jong-un, there is no doubt, despite international sanctions, North Korea has made considerable progress. Given all this, the US authorities would be developing striking scenarios on North Korean military sites, said The Telegraph who referred to sources close to the case.

According to this media, Washington has sharply accelerated the preparation of a military solution in recent months, fearing a failure of the diplomatic solution. For the White House,  the military must show Pyongyang  that the United States is determined to stop the development of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic programs.

Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State recently said that the White House is not giving up diplomacy to solve the problem surrounding the North Korean nuclear program. In addition, Washington intends to put pressure on Pyongyang until he agrees to sit on the negotiating table.


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