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Survey Shows the Country with the Highest Mortality Caused by Over-consumption of Alcohol

The abuse of alcohol is bad for the health, it is no longer a secret for anyone. But this warning seems to be ignored in some countries. For example, media outlets published a list of countries where excessive alcohol consumption resulted in several deaths.

Among these countries is China, which has 650,000 men and 59,000 women who died in just one year due to heavy drinking. Thus, medical experts have done a study that reveals the country with the highest mortality caused by overconsumption of alcohol.

This is China, according to data that was published by the medical journal The Lancet.


In this country, men suffer much more alcoholism than women, because they consume 3 times more than they, informs the Chinese medical site In this ranking, India comes second with 290,000 deaths among men and 42,000 among women. Then comes Russia, which records for the year 2016, 180,000 men and 43,000 women died because of alcohol abuse.

Fourth place goes to the United States, with 71,000 men and 19,000 women dying because of alcohol. Other countries were also mentioned, including Brazil, Vietnam, Ukraine, Germany, Mexico and France. The study concluded that alcohol consumption is the seventh risk factor for premature death and disability.


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