This is the Anti-Hillary Video Game That Allowed the Russians to “Interfere” in the US Election – CNN

Could a video game ridiculing Hillary Clinton have been able to propel Donald Trump to the White House? In the eyes of CNN, it shows in any case “how far the Russians want to go to interfere in US affairs.”

This is a revelation welcomed by the American channel CNN : an “anti-Hillary video game created by Russian trolls” would have allowed them to “interfere in American affairs.”

Responding to the name of Hilltendo, this mini-game in Flash format was all about an amateur program. He proposed various and varied missions on three levels in which the user had to help the democratic candidate to suppress e-mails, to collect funds under the bombs or to launch the American constitution as far as possible.


Beyond its simplistic graphics, the game audience also seems to have been very limited: a total of 19,000 people played at Hilltendo – about 0.008% of US voters. CNN explains this very weak success by the fact that the game “was not available on smartphones”.

While Russia is regularly accused of interference during the last US presidential election , including through the dissemination of content on social networks. Recently, Twitter had conceded that, of the 1.4 million tweets related to Russia, only 0.3% were related to the presidential election.


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