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This Is Surat Dholakia, Indian Diamond Tycoon Who Gave Out 1,260 Cars & 400 Flats To Employees!!

Savji Dholakia, billionaire diamond merchant from Surat and the owner of Hare Krishna Exports, has given out 1,260 cars & 400 flats to his employees.

The gifts were in anticipation of one of the most significant Hindu festivals known as Dwali festival. It was also done in commemoration of the company’s 50 years anniversary.

Diwali comes up on the 30th of October 2016. It is a festival of lights, celebrated annually in autumn.

Countries like Fiji, Guyana, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, observe the festival day as an official holiday.

Dwali is said to be one of the happiest holidays in India, thus people beautify their homes and workplaces with light decors. It’s almost a Christmas feeling. People are all dressed up and gifts are exchanged.

The wealthy Indian diamond boss, in preparation of the festival, found it deserving that his employees be blessed with the gifts of cars and flats as Dwali bonuses. This unprecedented kindness has earned him the title of the boss of the year.



Hare Krishna Exports trades in diamonds and textiles. This year the firm is celebrating its golden jubilee. To show appreciation to 1,716 employees who were named best performers, the company has reportedly spent Rs. 51 crore on the Diwali bonuses.

Savji Dholakia’s export company which makes an annual turnover is Rs. 6,000 crore has about 5,500 employees.

Past records show that the billionaire has been in the habit of gifting huge packages to the employees during this Hindu festival. Last year too, the billionaire gifted 491 cars and 200 flats to its employees.

The employees with the flat gifts won’t have to pay the down-payment. As a form of housing loans, 400 of these employees will pay Rs. 5,000 as monthly installment for 5 years.

The billionaire started his diamond business with the loan obtained from his uncle.

Most billionaires are skeptical about keeping the wrong impression of wealth to their children, thus they devise a means to distract their attention from an already made wealth.

Savji Dholakia reportedly sent his son, Dravya away to work in Kochi with three pair of clothes and just Rs. 7,000. That way he will understand the value of money.

This Indian billionaire clearly is a lover of hardwork. This explains the amazing Dwali bonuses given to his employees.


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