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This is Samuel Eto’o’s Message to Fellow Countryman Tenor for His Upcoming Concert (Video)

After a successful performance of Fally Ipupa at the Yaounde Sports Palace, it is the turn of the Cameroonian singer Tenor to announce his concert which will take place in the same hall on August 18th.

The artist asks the Cameroonians, a mobilization in the image of that enjoyed by Fally Ipupa.

” How can you fill your own sports palace for artists from elsewhere (which is not a bad thing)! But you are not ready to do it for yours, dear brothers … I do not understand! I think I have to fill the sports hall there to understand what needs to go! It’s first us at home !!!!  Tenor launched on May 12th.

Following this statement, Samuel Eto’o responded by formulating a message to Tenor via a video posted by the rapper of 20 years on May 18 last

”  Good evening son, I would have learned that you intend to fill the sports palace of Yaoundé on August 18 Next. If this is true then know that I will be among the thousands of fans who will come to sing and celebrate with you. I will do everything to be there, I will see if in my program I will be able to clear what I have to do and come and sing and dance with everything, “replied Samuel Eto’o.


But before Tenor’s concert, other Cameroonian artists announced big concerts in the weeks to come. The X Maleya will perform on June 21 at the esplanade of the Omnisports stadium in Yaounde and Maahlox on June 26 in the same enclosure. The Sports Palace is a covered hall with a capacity of 5,200 seats.



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