This Is Ruth Briquet, The First Ever ‘Miss’ With Dreadlocks?

This Saturday, December 16, ” Dance with the Stars ” gives way to Miss France for its 2018 edition, live on TF1. Among the 30 Miss who will march in Châteauroux, one in particular draws attention. This is Miss Guyana, Ruth Briquet.

Graduated since November 2016 from a master’s degree in finance, Ruth Briquet is now project manager for various projects within a structure that supports creators and entrepreneurs. Very ambitious and determined, the ideal for the young woman would ultimately be to found his own business.

Guyanese Ruth Briquet is no stranger to Miss France competitions. Last year, she already participated in the contest and even finished on the podium, behind the current Miss France, Alicia Ayliès.

This year, the first runner retakes her chance to finish this time, at the top. Interviewed by Paris Match , Ruth says loudly: “I would like to inspire young women who lack representation and benchmarks”. Regarding the criticism of the show, Ruth Briquet assumes: “Regardless of its morphology, origin, hair or skin color: a woman must fulfill her desires without being afraid of the eyes of others. If participating in this type of competition contributes to their personal growth, women must go without fear, “she says to Paris Match .

What sets her apart from other candidates? “My hair style never seen before in the Miss France contest,” says the 24-year-old.

A Miss like no other

Elected Miss Guyana on October 28, Ruth Briquet immediately thanked her audience for “daring to choose a miss locksée”.


Because yes, the young woman is wearing dreadlocks, a hairstyle that no miss had hitherto worn.

While the smoothness of the frizzy hair of many miss has been a lot of ink in recent years, Ruth avoids controversy.

The last one is about Miss Martinique’s hair , Laura-Anaïs Abidal. Indeed, the young woman had asked to keep her hair natural for official photo shoots. What was refused by the committee. “I really did not want to smooth them because I know it’s not a hairstyle that suits me,” she told the media in Martinique. A version contradicted by Sylvie Tellier.

Ruth, she intends to keep her hairstyle. “First of all, I like this style, secondly, it’s a natural hairstyle and above all it’s a symbol of identity.The locks made me stronger.That’s what makes me authentic, they remind me of where I come from and who I am, “she explained on Franceinfo .

Her hair, she speaks in the media but also on Instagram where she is very active.

Among the favorites this year

With her style, her outspokenness and her determination, Ruth aims to get her hands on the crown if desired, not wanting to be content with touching it with her fingertips. The young woman has also obtained one of the best grades in the test of general culture of Miss with a very satisfactory 17 out of 20.


The eyes of many French will be riveted on the Guyanese this Saturday night. She will also benefit from the popularity of her competitor become friend, Alicia Ayliès since the defending champion is Miss Guyane too. So, maybe the spell will smile again at the region for this 2018 edition.


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