This Is Paul Allen, The Man With The Highest Numbers Of Tattoos – [800 Tattoos] (See Photos)

He is certainly the most tattooed man in the world. Paul Allen from northern Tyneside, England, has already spent more than 15,000 euros to get tattoos and has about 800 including one on his genital organ he made himself because the professional tattooists had refused to do so. make.

Miscellaneous: Discovering Paul Allen, the man with 800 tattoos (photos)

Guest of a show recently, Paul Allen said he is so addicted to tattoos, that he has one on his sxe. he made his first tattoo at the age of 49, after the death of his mother. Although he is a fan of tattoos, he revealed that he would never dare to get tattooed eyeballs. Paul has a shark tattoo on his head and a dart on his buttocks. He says it helps seduce women.

The professional painter and decorator shocked several people when he unveiled his tattoos, some claiming it was simply disgusting.


Miscellaneous: Discovering Paul Allen, the man with 800 tattoos (photos)

Earlier this year, Paul Allen, who was single, revealed in an interview with The Sun  : ”  Many women want me for my tattoos, but that’s not significant and I’m not like that.”

“Many people have stereotyped conceptions about me. Some think that I am a former prisoner and that I am unemployed, but this is far from the truth. I do not have a criminal record and I am a painter and decorator, “he said.

“People are watching you when you appear in an ad but they do not come to talk with you, if they did, they would discover that I am a great man,” he noted.


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