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This is Mathieu Amougnome: the young Togolese Portraitist with Innate Talent [Photos]

Mathieu Amougnome is one of those young people who come out of nowhere and have a talent. Users of social networks have inevitably fallen on some of his achievements. Portraits made with pencil that force admiration.

Equipped with a high sense of observation, Mathieu, in his twenties, managed to reproduce portraits that are true to the subject. His pencil seems to have magic, but the magic is rather in the talent.

“I started at a young age. Very small I already managed my portraits alongside my brothers who are also talented. However, no one in the family has cultivated this talent to make it a job. I really want to show that it is possible to shine in this area and I would like to please my family, honor my family, “ said the young designer.

And to achieve this goal he says he is determined. Mathieu Amougnom is also a teacher of English at a school in the capital but between his occupations in school and art, Mathieu is very organized. His works are diverse, between portraits of friends and public figures, the young native of Sotouboua in the central region of Togo spreads his talent and is revealed in the eyes of the general public.

For now he is on the no path. If for the moment he does not have big contracts on hand to realize portraits Mathieu tells us with confidence  “By the quality of the work everything will come. It is true that for the moment many appreciate but do not order enough. With patience and determination we can succeed


In a small area, he wants to shine his country, make a name and honor his family through his papers, pencils and eraser.


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