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This Is Martin Luther King Jnr. Journey Into Africa- Where Was He Before Then?

So how did he come to be in Africa? What instigated the passion to try save humanity..

King arrived in Accra, the Gold Coast (Ghana), on 4 March and attended a reception where he met Vice President Richard Nixon. King told Nixon, “I want you to come visit us down in Alabama where we are seeking the same kind of freedom the Gold Coast is celebrating”. The next day, King attended the ceremonial closing of the old British Parliament. At the ceremony, the recently incarcerated Nkrumah and his ministers wore their prison caps, symbolizing their struggle to win Ghana’s freedom. King wrote “When I looked out and saw the prime minister there with his prison cap on that night that reminded me of that fact, that freedom never comes easy.  It comes through hard labor and it comes through toil”

Before I knew it, I started weeping. I was crying for joy. And I knew about all of the struggles, and all of the pain, and all of the agony that these people had gone through for this moment- MLK


In Africa even the mildest form of non-violent resistance meets with years of imprisonment, and leaders over many years have been restricted and silenced and imprisoned. We can understand how in that situation people felt so desperate that they turned to other methods, such as sabotage.

The dangers of a race war – of these dangers we have had repeated and profound warning.

It is in this situation, with the great mass of Africans denied their humanity, their dignity, denied opportunity, denied all human right. For it is we, through our investments, through our Governments` failure to act decisively, who are guilty of bolstering up the African tyranny.

Our responsibility presents us with a unique opportunity. We can join in the one form of non-violent action that could bring freedom and justice to Africa – the action which African leaders have appealed for – in a massive movement for economic sanctions.

In a world living under the appalling shadow of nuclear weapons do we not recognize the need to perfect the use of economic pressures? Why is trade regarded by all nations and all ideologies as sacred? Why does our Government, and your Government in Britain, refuse to intervene effectively now, as if only when there is a bloodbath in South Africa – or a Korea, or a Vietnam – will they recognize the crisis?




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