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This is Maria Concetta, the One Who Helped Birth 3,000 Babies in Africa, Honoured by Pope Francis

Even if they become more and more rare, the good wishes always positively impact their entourage. On March 28, Pope Francis paid tribute to Sister Maria Concetta Esu.

The 85-year-old Italian Missionary Sister helped bring 3,000 babies to Africa. The latter received a medal from the hands of the pontiff during his visit to Rome to meet with sisters of his congregation, the Daughters of St. Joseph of Genoni.

Sister Maria Concetta Esu’s maternity hospital in Zongo, in the north-west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has served several women. She settled in this country in 1959, after training as a nurse in Italy and tropical medicine in Belgium.

“I met her in Bangui”, during a trip to the Central African Republic in 2015, told the Argentine pope after the traditional Wednesday hearing on St. Peter’s Square.


“That day, she came in a canoe from Congo to Bangui to go shopping,” says Afriquefemme.

This tribute “… is a sign of affection and thanks for all the work you have done among the sisters and brothers in Africa, in the service of life, children, mothers, families,” explained the Pope .

The pontiff then expressed his gratitude to all missionaries and religious around the world, whose charitable actions “do not make news in the newspapers”.

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