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This Is Luke Westcott, The 23 Year Old Beating Adidas & Puma In Supplying Football Kits Across Africa!!

Going by his organization’s advance in the East African region, the notoriety of the designs and the business approach, Luke Westcott is gradually planning an unrest that could shake the mammoths of sports clothing.

The kit sponsorship business on the worldwide scale is a lucrative business as confirm by the various multi-million dollar bargains Nike and Adidas make with sports groups. In football lies the real business potential and top national teams are among the targeted group. In Africa, the top countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana and South Africa all get unit sponsorship manages the main three brands – Nike, Adidas and Puma. They offer business achievement and their odds of progressing further in worldwide competitions adds to the perceivability of the brand.






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