This is Lartey, the Ghanaian Village Which Only Shelters the Blind (Video)

Lartey is a village like no other. It is made up entirely of blind people. The blindness of the inhabitants of this village would have occurred following a curse thrown on them by a traditional healer.

The village is made up of four members of a family, the father, the mother and their two children. According to Akua Yerentiewaa, the mother, the curse was cast on them by a man to whom her husband had entrusted his cocoa field.

The traditional healer after stealing part of the cocoa beans which were to be shared with the owner of the field fled to his village where he used fetish to make them blind.

Akua Yerentiewaa says they have been to hospitals before, but the doctors have confirmed that their situation is spiritual. According to her, they have been blind for more than ten years.


Her husband was the first person affected, and she followed these two children. During an interview with Kofi Tv, she revealed that although she has three other girls who are not blind, they hardly visit them in the village for fear of being infected.

Unfortunately, the man who cast the curse on this family died.


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