This is How The “World War III” is Prepared in a Russian Military Base in Cuba

The Kremlin Hand stops at nothing, we know it well. Trigger a new crisis in Cuba, reopen its former military base, implant new ones? No problem, when the task is a “world war” that the British press dreads … Although the base in question, closed for 16 years, has already been converted into a university.


Kidding aside, the threats from the Kremlin Hand seem to be gaining momentum. And not only via the “soft propaganda” cartoons or disruption of NATO exercises in Northern Europe – fears are now reaching the global scale. “Third World War: Putin reopens Soviet bases in Cuba when Trump increases the nuclear threat,” says The Daily Star, bluntly. Courage, run away!

The worry rises in a fertile context for such theories. The sequence of events inevitably leads to this conclusion: the United States announce their withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Russia and Cuba strengthen their relations, also discussing military cooperation … Too many coincidences, obviously, there is a plan behind!

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The newspaper is based on the Jamestown Foundation analysis center, a recent publication states: “Vladimir Putin seems to be preparing to reopen the Soviet SIGINT station in Cuba which was closed in 2002. This prospect is already raising concerns of the ‘West.”

This military base in Lourdes, not far from Havana, which was Soviet at the time one of the largest facilities of the USSR abroad, became in 2002 the University of Computer Science, all its buildings having suffered from important works. But this observation does not prevent the British press from seeing the future in a gloomy light.

However, concerns about the reopening of this “espionage base” have resurfaced year after year in the press since its closure, without any real step taken to open it …

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Fortunately, there is finally room for hope lately, given the recent developments in the Moscow-Havana reports! Presidents Miguel Diaz-Canel and Vladimir Putin notably discussed giving “new impetus” to bilateral relations and collaboration in several areas. Especially since the vice-president of the Russian government for defense issues, Yuri Borisov, went to Cuba without embarrassment! 
Theories have been formulated in several media on what this would mean: apparently “Moscow is on the threshold of reopening the Lourdes surveillance site” and “possibly additional bases on the island”.

In concrete terms, according to the Jamestown Foundation, the possible reopening of the Lourdes base by Moscow “would most likely be a response to Washington’s withdrawal from the FNI Treaty”.

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Nevertheless, the same analysis center recognizes that the base, if reopened, could only “double, rather than significantly increase Russia’s ability to monitor US activities in the Caribbean”. Then, as Alexander Ovtchinnikov, a lieutenant-colonel who served in one of the Soviet bases in Cuba between 1984 and 1987, told the Russian media, “it is unlikely that Moscow could establish large bases in Cuba” – and The Daily Star quotes him, disappointed.

And we who had already begun to prepare for this promised “Third World War” … what a pity!

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