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This Is How Much O.J Simpson Is Asking For A Post- Prison Interview, Media Networks Refuse To Pay

Agreeing to The Hollywood Reporter, Simpson’s partners have been shopping his post-jail meet for quite a long time, however news outlets are unwilling to take the chance

To a limited extent that is on the grounds that those speaking to themselves as his partners — and there are a considerable lot of them  are requesting a seven-figure payout for a meeting with Simpson, who was cleared in the 1994 homicides of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman but wound up serving nine years for a messed up 2007 theft in Las Vegas.

Simpson was released from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada a little after midnight on Oct. 1.

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According to THR, sources at ABC, CBS and NBC all say that they will not pay for a Simpson interview, which would violate news division standards. Multiple large cable TV groups, including A+E Networks and Discovery, also have passed.

But any money paid to Simpson would be the target of debtors charged with collecting the $33.5 million civil judgment levied against Simpson in the 1997 wrongful death suit brought by the Brown and Goldman families.

California attorney David Cook, who has been charged with collecting from Simpson on behalf of the Goldman family, told CNN Oct. 1, that the original judgment has now ballooned to close to $70 million due to interest on the unpaid


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