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This Is How Liberia’s President George Weah Planned To End “Slavery” law

According to the BBC, Liberia’s new president George Weah wants to abolish a legal provision that gives exclusive blackness to Liberian nationality. It was in his first annual speech on the state of the nation that he stressed this clause that has existed since the creation of Liberia by slaves released from the United States in 1847.

For the former footballer, it is inappropriate that such a provision continues to exist knowing the place that Liberia occupies today in the concert of nations.

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”  The idea of ​​giving a refuge and a land of welcome to slaves after their departure from the United States is no longer relevant in today’s society  ” said George Weah, adding that this contradicts the definition of “Liberia” which comes from the Latin expression “Liber” which means “freedom”.

Mr. Weah also indicated that he intends to end another legal provision that does not give foreigners the opportunity to be landowners.

For President Weah ”  This provision is harmful to our economy  .” The Head of State of Liberia has expressed his wish to lift the ban on dual nationality.

Weah also said he plans to lower his salary by 25 percent as a corrective measure for Liberia’s economy. Because according to him ” The economy is lame as well as the government. Politics is in free fall, inflation is rising, unemployment has reached worrying proportions and our external reserves are at the lowest level ever reached  . ”

In closing, George Weah urged the entire Liberian people to support him in getting there. Without this support, he will not succeed.

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