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This is How Ivorian Legend, Didier Drogba Reacted to Christine Angot’s Comments on Slavery

Following the controversial remarks of the novelist Christine Angot on slavery, the former captain of the Ivory Coast Elephants Didier Drogba reacted via his twitter account.

Apparently angry, the former Chelsea striker said that the words of Christine Angot incited racial hatred: ” Incitement to racial hatred by discrimination June 2, 2019, on a TV set. Mutism of the presenters and the channel of diffusion … To quote them would only give them a showcase in this world, what shameful image !!! 

It all started from the fact that Christine Angot made a very dubious comparison between the Holocaust and slavery as it existed. Faced with Franz-Olivier Giesberg she clearly stated:


” There, for example, was recalled earlier with Gilette Kolinka (Jewish deportee during the Second World War) speaking of concentration camps or extermination camps. So it emphasizes that the goal with the Jews during the war, it was indeed to exterminate them, to kill them, and that introduces a fundamental difference, whereas we want to be confused with for example slavery and the slavery of blacks sent to the United States or elsewhere, and where exactly the opposite was true. That is, the idea was that they were in good shape, in good health so that they could be sold and marketed. So no, it’s not true that the trauma is the same, that the suffering inflicted on people is the same .

For its part, Laurent Ruquier tried to defend the columnist on social networks on the web. ” The shoah was an abomination. Slavery in Africa and the slave trade was an abomination. No doubt. Those who try to make us say or think the opposite, to Christine Angot or to me, seek to create a useless polemic , “wrote Laurent Ruquier.



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