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This Is Florence Colgate, The Most Beautiful Woman On Earth According To Scientists {PHOTO}

Scientists believe they have found the most beautiful woman in the world. The study is based on the symmetry of his face.

According to science, his face is considered almost perfect. Florence Colgate is originally from a small British town on the seafront.

This woman said she has a natural beauty and sent her photo for a competition to find the “most beautiful face of Britain”. She had to send a photo without make-up, and was the winner among 8,000 candidates who entered this contest.

Competitors who have used plastic surgery or chemical improvements were not allowed to compete because it was specifically to find the naturally best British face.

On a perfect face, the distance between the eyes and the mouth should occupy a third of the length of the face.

Florence was convinced to enter the competition by her customers, her friends and her family.
Florence satisfies almost all requirements, and studies have shown that she has a perfect face.

Florence Colgate

After skilful calculations, it was decreed that on a perfect face the distance between the eyes and the mouth should occupy a third of the length of the face. Moreover, the distance between the pupils, from one ear to the other, was to represent 46% of the width of the face.


Regarding Florence Colgate, the distance between her eyes and her mouth occupies 32.8% of her face, and her pupils are 44% wide apart. In other words, the features of the 18-year-old woman have almost ideal proportions.

Florence Colgate

The competition was designed to showcase the natural beauty of women and encourage them to feel good about themselves.

Florence Colgate

Florence said, “Women should not feel they have to wear makeup, I hope people will look at me and think they do not need to. I am very happy with my look and I would never have plastic surgery or botox.

What refreshing news in a world that seems obsessed with the surgical or chemical fixation of anything that is considered a physical imperfection.

Florence Colgate


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