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This Is Dr. Elie Nkamgueu, the Known Visionary of the Black Elite in France

Originally from Cameroon, the 52-year-old dentist founded the famous EFFICIENCY CLUB that aims to promote “black talents”.

“I always say that if our predecessors at the time of the Senghor, Aimé Césaire and many other black intellectuals, if the stake they had carried was rather economic, we would have advanced on that side, but for them At the time, and it was not their fault, the fight was rather to show that the black man thinks,  the black man  writes, understands, reflects like the others. ”


He dreams of an economically powerful diaspora

2014-2015, creation of a “black gotha”, gala evening for fundrising to give scholarships to deserving students. “We will organize a business trip a year in a country in Africa


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