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This is Dirar Abohoy; The Talented Ethiopian Who Walks On His Hands [VIDEO]

Dirar Abohoy, the Ethiopian who walks on the hands has been a sensation on social networks for a few days. The latter, who lives in Tigray in northern Ethiopia, has been practicing this exercise since the age of nine. He wants to inscribe his name in the Guinness Book of Records.

In a video shared by the BBC, the 32-year-old demonstrates his superhuman skill and looks.


He is even able to move a vehicle with a rope attached to his body. Mr. Dirar’s skills sparked a number of reactions from Internet users.


“How does it benefit him? I think there is more benefit to using your hands well. What about his feet? What is he doing with? “Asks a certain MoRie Maurice.

“I also think that he can do many other important things with his hands than using them to walk,” wrote another user.


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