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This Is Di Giorno: The Man Who Made Plants Grow Without Water!!

Thanks to tiny granules, plants now absorb 97% of the water that falls on them … against less than 20% usually! Fabulous.

In a world where water is becoming scarce and food needs are exploding, this French invention seems infinitely precious. Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno has indeed developed a product that allows to multiply the agricultural yields … without the least watering! Completely bluffing, but 100% authentic. Presentations!

Normally, between 80% and 96% of the water goes directly into the soil without benefiting the crops. Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno, who is an agricultural engineer, has worked for years to put an end to this waste … And he ended up finding an incredibly effective solution: simple organic pellets that allow plants to absorb 97% of Water falling on them!


France 2 recently devoted a report to this fabulous product. Look :

Amazing, is not it?

And yes, you have heard: rather than make a fortune with a revolutionary patent that would bring billions to him, Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno prefers to keep his “recipe” for him so that it does not fall into the wrong hands!

Awesome AND humanist gentleman!

The man was also the guest of the show Folies Passagères. To learn more it’s here:

The polyter opens new perspectives almost dizzy! All this thanks to the determination of a disinterested man! Agriculture and the world can thank him.


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