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This is Crazy! Watching How Saudi Arabians Change Tyres On Moving Cars Will Literally Blow Your Mind!!

In a real life stunt filmed in Saudi Arabia, five men wearing headscarves climbed out of a moving silver SUV, that’s was moving on two wheels, to replace the remaining two wheels.

Its no special effects but purely a real-life-stunt-scene: Five men in one SUV, that’s on two wheels, is speeding on a highway – suddenly the men climb out of this so-called “two-wheeler” car to replace its wheels!

The entire video clip seems to be from some action film. With their jaw-drooping stunt-moves that even an F1 pit crew would be proud of, they easily replaced the vehicle’s two aloft wheels while the other two teeter on their side.


Seeing a Toyota FJ Cruiser driving on two wheels on a highway would be ridiculous enough in itself. But these guys stretched their limits to the next level: Climbing out of the car while it’s driving on two wheels, they proceed to change the front and rear tires on the passenger side.

Check out the video below!





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