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This Is Besa Mumba, Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot!! She’s Only 19 Years Old

A 19-year old Besa Mumba has become the youngest commercial pilot in Zambia.

Last year Zambia recorded Kalenga Kamwendo as the youngest pilot in the country. Now a younger lady has taken the position.

The 19-year old Besa flies with Proflight Zambia. She started off wanting to be a cabin crew and here she is. Successfully flying an airplane at age 19 is not a common feat in the world over.

This young lady sure is an epitome of motivation for the younger generation. She is a proof most especially to the younger female generation that dreams do come true.

Besa Mumba was born in December 1996 in Lusaka. She trained as a pilot in South Africa.

Proflight Zambia where she works is renowned for training young talents in the aviation sector. The firm confirms that the 19-year old Zambia was appointed as a First Officer this month. Given the short period of time, Besa has already flown over 15 hours within Zambian domestic routes.

Expressing her joy the bright young lady said this:

“I am extremely humbled they gave me a chance to live my dream and this shows they have confidence in me to have given me the opportunity.”


“If you have a dream, work hard you can get to where you want.”

“I feel amazing! I hope the Zambian people will be inspired by my story to also reach for their dreams and goals because I think the sky is not the limit.” – Besa Mumba

Besa says her dream is to further become a captain and fly bigger jets.

Last year’s Zambian youngest pilot, Kalenga Kamwendo has taken to social media to share his delight at the latest development. The 21-year old could not be more proud to be an African; especially at a time like this when young people achieve feats that are not common in the continent.

Kalenga had some good words for Besa Mumba:

“Besa you have done us all proud and believe me, the nation and eventually the continent will all be behind you, rallying and cheering you on! Just keep your head down and let the inertia of determination that has brought you here carry you to greater things!… Looking forward to working and flying with you!”


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