This Indeed Shows Love Is Blind- See How This Brazilian Couple Show They Trust Each Other..

This Brazilian couple definitely does not have trust issues. Marcelle Rangel da Cunha, 21, trusts her fiancé Luiz Fernando Candeia with her very life as she hangs off a cliff 335 meters above the Atlantic Ocean just by his hand — or so it seems.

Their picture, which was taken at the Pedra del Telegrafo just outside Rio de Janeiro, has gone viral online because of the precariousness it suggests. However, appearances can be cunning.

Daredevil Marcela appears to hang precariously. Photo: Caters News


Although the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean far below appears to suggest a dangerous drop, there is a plateau just below the cliff where people can stand. Candeia explained the trick: “You achieve the picture through a specific camera angle that creates an optical illusion. When you position the camera at the correct angle the rock looks like an abyss.

She even sits on the edge of the cliff. Photo: Caters News

The spot has become a popular tourist attraction. Photo: Caters News

With the correct camera angle, it looks precarious. Photo: Caters News

Gotcha! There is a plateau just beneath the cliff. Photo: Caters News


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