“This has Been the Most Racist and Sexist Trial in the History of US” – Bill Cosby’s Publicist

Reacting to Bill Cosby‘s Tuesday three to ten years sentencing for sexual assault, publicist Andrew Wyatt has described the court’s decision as ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’.

Bill Cosby’s Mugshot


Variety reports that while speaking outside the courthouse on Tuesday, Cosby’s publicist said: “This has been the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States.”

He further blamed it all on “white women who make money off accusing black men of being sexual predators”.

Wyatt added: “They persecuted Jesus and look what happened ? Mr. Cosby is fine. He’s holding up well. Anyone who wants to say anything negative, you’re a joke as well.”

Andrew Wyatt isn’t the only one who feels that the court didn’t give a fair verdict. Cosby’s wife through a spokesperson accused the prosecutors of using “falsified evidence.”


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  1. He has been white washed. He tried to purchase NBC against the white powers to be and now they get you anyway they want. The make the narratives and create the reality when they want you out of the way.

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