This Guyanese Makeup Artist Can Transform Anyone into a Dancehall Act

Annada Aaliyah Anthon is making waves online with her mind blowing masterpieces 8212 Photo via Loop News


For the most part, it takes a tremendous amount of talent to become a good makeup artist. But exceptionally gifted makeup artist Annada Aaliyah Anthon is making waves online with her mind-blowing masterpieces. With sharp flicks of her wrist and a small collection of color pencils, powders, and palettes, the Guyanese woman can turn herself into nearly anyone, including well-known dancehall music and reggae artists.

Her 76,000 TikTok subscribers and more than 43,000 Instagram followers are adoring the transformations she is showing them.

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“I’ve always wanted it. Basically, I enjoy applying makeup, but I’ve never considered working with performers,” she told Loop News.

“I was playing around one day. When I mocked Shenseea in one of my videos, people called out many musicians, and I chose Skeng from the list at the bottom of the comments.

The vivacious 20-year-old claimed, “I said I’m going to attempt doing my face like him, and when I did, it genuinely looked like him. Then, she claims, she started working with other artists.

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“Even if more and more people are approaching me, my own nation is criticizing me harshly. Everyone in my country wants to interview me and do these things, and Jamaica has the majority of my fans “she informed Loop News.

She answered when asked to define “heat”: “I’m not sure why they don’t like me.”


In Jamaica, the young woman is gaining more and more followers, particularly among dancehall performers. She recently sang the song “Dude” while recording herself as the “Girls Dem Sugar,” a makeover that made her resemble Beenie Man.

On his Instagram account, The Doctor himself reposted the TikTok video of her “Beenie-rific” makeover together with the audio from “King of the Hill.”

Anthon is one of many women who customize their appearances in a mainly post-lockdown environment by utilizing makeup as a form of self-expression. Many women are looking for ways to exhibit their uniqueness, and the 20-year-old is awash in opportunities for doing so.

“I do makeup on a different level from other folks. Coming out of a pandemic era, makeup is important to me because…well, let’s just say that it has helped me make a lot of money, push what I want more out there, and get me to the public. I can’t speak for all females, but I will be able to speak from my perspective “She spoke with Loop News.

She remains a resident of the country she was born and raised in, Guyana. The eastern bank of the Berbice River is where Anthon attended Tutorial Secondary in Berbice, New Amsterdam. The largest town in Guyana and the regional capital of East Berbice-Corentyne is New Amsterdam, which is roughly 100 kilometers from Georgetown, the country’s capital.

Prior to her social media influencer career taking off, she had a previous job as a cashier. In order to further her talents, Anthon now wants to travel abroad.



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