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This Guinean Sociologist’ Response To France’s Emmanuel Macron Is Thought Provoking


French President Emmanuel Macron said: “With a family that has seven, eight children in Africa, invest billions, nothing will change. (…) Africa’s challenge is civilizational. “Guinean sociologist Amadou Douno, a professor at Ahmadou-Dieng University in Conakry, replied.

“Africans do not need your civilization of debauchery. Because with your civilization: a man can sleep with a man; a woman can sleep with a woman; a single president may have two mistresses at a time; a woman can sleep with her dog; a child can insult his father and mother without any problems; a child may have his parents imprisoned. ”

“With your civilization, when the parents get older, they are taken to the nursing home, and finally, with your civilization, a young man can live with a woman of her mother’s age or her -mother without problem. Your case is a perfect example! Africans have no civilization lessons to receive from people like you! Africa is by far the richest continent in the world with its enormous mineral wealth. What delays this continent is the large-scale plundering of its resources by the great powers, led by France! ”


“All the misfortune of Africa comes from this country which realizes its ambitions on the backs of Africans with the complicity of these traitors who do not hesitate to sacrifice whole generations by surrendering their countries to the former colonizing power. The latter entrust all the key sectors of their economies to France. In reality, they carry out the strategy or political vision desired by the former colonist. This contributes to sinking their populations into extreme poverty and poverty. This is the cause of coups, civil wars, genocides, famines, with despots at the head of these countries that are held in power by France, because the latter meets all their demands! ”

“France is nothing without Africa! The day when African countries will turn their backs on France, this country will plunge into chaos! As long as African countries do not divest themselves of this dominance of the former colonial power, taking charge of their own destiny, as the Asian countries have done, it will be very difficult for them to get out of the abyss. ”

“Africa’s challenge is to get rid of France. Because the latter is not the solution to its underdevelopment, it is at the heart of the problem! ”


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