This Guide On What The Colour Of Your Urine Could Mean Is A Must Read


One of the things that can give us clues about our health which we often neglect to talk about is our urine; specifically, what the colour of urine can tell us.

Urinating is one way that our bodies get rid of waste and you may have noticed that it is often a shade of yellow no matter what you eat or drink or otherwise take into your body.

The culprit of the yellow colour of urine is a chemical known as urobilin or urochrome. You should know that your body has a massive amount of red blood cells which are constantly being turned over. The dead red blood cells need to be washed out of our systems and even when they have expired, these red blood cells still contain iron.

The white blood cells in your body take in the iron to keep it in your body and then dispose of the ex-red blood cell wrapper, called bilirubin. Urobilinogen is a gut bacteria that intercepts this bilirubin in our bloodstream and ushers them to the body’s exits.

Colour of urine

One route for excretion takes the bilirubin to the kidneys which suck out valuable nutrients and transforms it to a molecule that happens to be yellow, urobilin and this is what makes it into your toilet when you urinate. The amount of water determines how much this urobilin is diluted and therefore is the reason urine comes out a yellow shade.


Different colours of urine mean different things and you should get to know just what below.

Colour of Urine and Meanings

Totally Clear

If your urine is totally clear you have probably been drinking a ton of water and may need to slow down on the hydration.

Pale Straw Color or Transparent Yellow

This is the sweet spot for healthy urine colour. It means you are healthy and well hydrated.

Deeper Yellow or Amber/ Honey Coloured

Your pee is definitely suggesting that you drink some more water to stay hydrated.

Neon Yellow

Could be caused by excess riboflavin, which means you may have recently taken a multivitamin.

Brown-ish Syrup Colour

Could be a simple case of dehydration or something else is wrong, like liver disease. Drink lots of water and see if the problem clears itself out. If brownish pee persists, call a doctor.

Pink Or Reddish

Your recent food consumption could be the cause of this odd colour but it could also mean that you have blood in your urine. Although that could also mean nothing, it is wise to contact your doctor as it could also be a sign of kidney disease, urinary tract infection, prostate problems or tumours.


Again, you could be severely dehydrated but other more severe problems of this colour of urine include liver or bile duct condition.

Blue Or Green

Certain rare genetic diseases can give you some interesting hues of urine. It could also be from food dye, medication, or a urinary tract infection.

Fizzy Or Foamy

Although fizziness is not technically a colour of urine, it can happen from time to time. If it is occasional, it’s probably a harmless hydraulic effect. If foaming is persistent, it could be kidney problems or excess protein in your diet.


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