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This French Woman Refused To Change Her Facebook DP To France Flag And Her Reason Makes Perfect Sense

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Charlotte Farhan is a French national but despite being one, she has refused to paint her Facebook profile picture with the colors of the French flag.

Editor of an online magazine, Art Saves Lives International (ASLI), Charlotte posted an extremely intelligent message on Facebook, explaining why it would be “wrong” to do so.

Charlotte Farhan


While people have been criticising Facebook for not giving its users the option to change their DPs to the Lebanese flag post the terrorist attacks in Beirut, Charlotte’s message comes as a hard-hitting response as to why it’s unnecessary to begin with.

facebook france

Rightly pointing out that “if I did this for every attack on the world, I would have to change my profile everyday several times a day”, in one single statement, Charlotte has perfectly described the ISIS agenda, i.e. to not be a part of the “us and them mentality”.


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  1. Who cares? Your choice and your reason is your business. Are you saying that everybody should share your view? Its a democratic world, people can do what they want with their facebook page, although it seems you would like to take away that right from them with your post? Your views are your business hold unto them and let others do likewise.

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