This Doctor Reveal An Amazing Way To Calm Down A Crying Baby. Parents Are Stunned! #Watch

To a seasoned or even a new parent, a crying baby probably is one of the hardest things to go through. Once the baby starts crying you change, feed, and burped the little one yet they are still crying at the top of their lungs for what seems to you, for no reason at all.

With the little one crying up a storm, you can forget about trying to have conversation or even getting anything done. The crying baby takes complete precedence until peace is restored.

Dr. Robert Hamilton has found an amazing method to get a little baby to start crying. He has been in the pediatric business for over 30 years and had been able to use his technique to keep babies calm while talking with parents in his office. Babies tend to cry if they are uncomfortable, cold, in a new place, or for just about any other reason under the sun. Dr. Hamilton’s method tends to calm most little ones.


Dr. Hamilton goes on to say that his technique works best for babies between the months of 0-3. After that age range, they tend to be a bit too heavy to hold in the position for the technique safely.

All you have to do is gently secure the arms and hands to the little ones chest with one hand and then place your other under the baby’s bottom. Hold the baby at about a 45 degree angle and gently rock them smoothly. He has also found that babies find it quite enjoyable when one wiggles their little bottom a bit.

Below is a video by Dr. hamilton on just how to perform this wonderful baby calming method:



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