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This Couple’s Tweet On African Diversity Has Gone Viral- Other Biracial Couples Are Commenting


In the photograph, Professor Struthers stands in the left of the shot dressed in full kilt complimented with African ‘Kente’ bowtie and scarf while his wife of 40 years, stands next to him wearing an African ‘Kente’ blouse and skirt complete with a matching head wrap.

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Prof. John Struthers@jjstruthersuk

I thought I would share..

We’ve had disapproving looks, ‘we are full’, ‘is that your wife’ and many more actions questioning our relationship over the last 40+yrs 

We haven’t wavered!

The best way of fighting racism is living your life, standing tall and educating. #Diversity 

The Tweet was well received and attracted supportive comments from all over the globe with many other mixed-race couples sharing their own stories.

Daren Willcock@mmafightcoach
 I know exactly what you mean. 

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Michael Brown@MichaelWBrownCT
 So true: living a full, happy life is the best weapon against hate. 

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the Major™@BigJP10

My wife is from Nigeria and I can honestly say that in our 9 years together, we have never experienced a hint racism. That is not a boast, it’s a Thank You! People like you and your wife have paved the way for us, by standing tall, by educating, and living diversity. 

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Professor Struthers was appointed Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Scotland two years. An academic and economist with over 30 years experience in universities in the UK and in Africa, he has also been a Director of a leading Scottish Chamber of Commerce and is a current member of the Westminster Africa Business Group in London.

His story and those of many other interracial couples on the continent show how far Africa has come from the days of Apartheid South Africa were interracial marriages were outlawed and where cultural differences still made such relationships difficult even when the 1949 the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was repealed in 1985



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