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This Country is one of the World’s Least Developed, But Has the Fastest Internet Speeds in Africa

An investigation of more than 160m broadband speed tests conducted crosswise over 200 nations has uncovered that Madagascar has the quickest, fastest internet connection in Africa.

The report by Cable, an interchanges organization in the UK, positions Madagascar  22 on the planet, up 67 places and in front of France, Germany, Finland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


In Madagascar, categorised in the Least Developed Countries by the United Nations, 1.6 million people(4.3 per cent  of the population) could access the internet as of 2016.

According to the 2016 Human Development Index, 48 per cent of the population of Madagascar suffers  intense poverty.

Madagascar is followed by Kenya, ranked 64 and South Africa, ranked 76 on the broadband list.  Morocco and Tunisia come in fourth and fifth respectively.

The African countries with the lowest connection include Somalia at 197,  Guinea at 196 and Mauritania at 195. Niger and Burkina Faso comes in at 193 and 192 respectively.


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