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This Black Student Started a Pantry To Help Other Students In Need

A young black man who is a student at Alabama A&M University is making a phenomenal difference by helping his fellow college students who struggle to eat month to month.

According to WHNT News 19, a local media source in Normal, Alabama, Justin Franks (pictured), 20, started a food pantry at his school with faith and $40 dollars in cash. Franks is an exceptional student at Alabama A&M who works as desk assistant at his school’s Foster Complex on campus. He also earns money as a manager at a fast food restaurant.

However, seeing his fellow students struggle on campus with feeding themselves inspired him to do something about it. “I noticed that there were some students that said they ware going to bed hungry,” Franks told WHNT 19 in an exclusive interview.

“So, I thought about it and said, ‘What can I give back to my community?’” he continued.

Franks started small with his good faith gesture and posted about it on Facebook. However, what happened next is a thing of miraculous compassion. His acts of paying it forward really got to a great start.


“It got a lot of response. It got shared 600-700 times and so it got around the internet. I didn’t think it would get shared that much, but people really cared about our students and Alabama A&M University,” he also told WHNT 19.

Then the donations started rolling in from faculty, Alabama A&M alumni, and local community outreach organizations. Franks was able to diversify the array of items at his pantry once support from the people came in strong. Other necessities, such as hygiene items also became available.

“We have Capri Suns, drinks, juices and water We have crackers and cookies,” Franks told WHNT. This young man’s story is very compelling. However, Franks gives all credit to the man upstairs for motivating him to do what he is doing day in and day out.

“To me, it just makes me feel like I’m blessing someone. [My belief in God makes me] a religious person and I feel like I can bless a student. Some nights, students will be like ‘Man, I really appreciate this because I didn’t have anything to eat,’” he continued.


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