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This Beach has the Most Sharks Attacks in the World

You might think that the most sharks attacks in the world occur in countries where deadly sharks attacks are common like Australia or South Africa. Yet, while many shark attacks do occur in those locations, they are not the places with the MOST shark attacks in the world. The beach with the most shark attacks in the world is actually in the United States. That places is New Smyrna Beach on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

NewSmyrnaBeachFromLighthouse3 - Photo by Gamweb
New Smyrna Beach. Photo by Gamweb.

While the sleep seaside town of 23,000 people might not seem like the epicenter of shark activity, it has earned the title of “the shark attack capital of the world” on multiple occasions, and in 2007 and 2008, it led the world in confirmed shark attacks. This is likely due to the numbers of people entering the water and New Smyrna Beach’s reputation for excellent surfing. In the video below, a surfer films a few sharks around his surfboard in New Smyrna Beach.


Thankfully, unlike other shark attack hubs, the majority of shark attacks in New Smyrna Beach are not life-threatening, since they are perpetrated by small coastal sharks like blacktip and spinner sharks. So, while New Smyrna Beach might have a high volume of shark attacks; they are generally not serious.


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