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This 80-Yr-Old Man Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years, The Pictures Are Amazing!

#1 This is Amo Hadji, an 80 year old Iranian man

He lives in a far-out province of the country called Fars, and he has not showered for 60 years.


#2 He was discovered by Iranian journalists

It is unclear what he does with his time, and people do not know exactly why he has not bathed for such a long period of time.


#3 His village is called Dezhgah, and it seems as if others in the village shower

Perhaps he has just given up and decided that he does not want to maintain hygiene. It’s certainly not his top priority.



#4 He often sleeps in this small building

Needless to say, this guy lives a more spartan lifestyle than most people on the planet.


#5 This is his pipe

It is made of steel, and he puts high quality animal poop in it, no kidding.



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