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This 25-Year-Old Operates Her Own 6 Acre Farm Making Her Millions in Nigeria

Nakku Justine has become something of a viral sensation after she appeared on Nigerian news site The 25-year-old operates her own lucrative 6 acre farm in Nigeria producing dairy, cabbage, cereals, carrots and poultry.

Images of Justine working the land were swiftly shared on social media, with many marveling at the sight of a young, black woman in a field that is mostly male dominated.

She is a classic example of not just waiting for employment but actually creating it. Take action, be part of the solution. You are the one.

We should start seeing more young, African women working the land and becoming agricultural entrepreneurs.

Nakku Justine nigerian farmer beauty


Nakku Justine nigerian farmer greens

Nakku Justine nigerian farmer cattle


Nakku Justine nigerian farmer work

Nakku Justine nigerian farmer harvester

Nakku Justine nigerian farmer picking

Nakku Justine nigerian farmer cabbage



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