Things You Should Not Wear To An African Funeral

In Africa, the death of a loved one is not just an emotional moment for friends and family but also the opportunity to show one’s last respects in the form of a decent and memorable funeral rite. All through history, funeral rites in Africa have been an occasion for both the shedding of tears and the celebration of life, following the belief systems of reincarnation and the transformation of the deceased into an ancestor.


Such rites, be they in the shanty towns of Lesotho or the plush cities of Nigeria, are always steeped in traditions which identify mourners with their lineage and culture. These highly solemn moments deserve solemn attitudes. One is most likely to be sanctioned or even thrown out of the funeral grounds when there is a disconnect between the official attire and your own chosen outfit.

To save yourself from such embarrassment, get yourself updated on the very things you should not wear on a funeral ground.

  • Athletic Wear
  • Short scanty clothing
  • Too much perfume or fragrance
  • Sheer fabrics or lace
  • Bright multicolored cloths or head-wears
  • Skin tight leggings with short or cropped top

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