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Things You Need to Know About Toyota

Many people own Toyota and there’s a good reason for that. People don’t just buy something in numbers if it isn’t good.  Toyota’s are affordable and efficient. To help you appreciate these Japanese vehicles a bit more, I did a quick research on some unknown facts about Toyota. You might know everything about the functionality of your Toyota but you probably didn’t know these other things about the global brand. .

1.The Toyota Group doesn’t just manufacture cars only. The company is huge in the textile machinery business as well. The two main types of textile machinery manufactured by the Toyota group are the spinning machinery and weaving machinery

2. Toyotas have such a long road-life that eighty percent of Toyota sold 20 years ago are still on the road today. That kind of longevity in automobiles is quite amazing. Also, according to multiple market researches, Toyota has the best resale value. Second hand Toyota units sell as quickly as French fries during lunchtime.

3. The founder of Toyota Motor Corporation was actually called Toyoda with a ‘D’, not Toyota. The name was changed to Toyota because when written in Katakana (a Japanese script), the word Toyota only takes 8 strokes to write, unlike Toyoda which takes 9. Well, 8 is considered a lucky number in Japanese culture. Everyone wants to be associated with it on one way or the other, hence the reason for the change.


4. Toyota cars came about as a result of Japan’s war with China in the 1920s. Japan needed to start producing vehicles to aid citizens in moving from war torn areas so Kilichiro Toyoda, the founder, travelled to the US in 1929 to learn about automobile production. He came back with  great ideas inspired by the Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles. His newly found knowledge then aided in the building of the very first Toyota vehicles.

5. As of 2015, Toyota is the world’s largest car manufacturer, selling over 11 million vehicles annually. Toyota has business operations in a whopping 170 countries. Add this to the fact that the company currently holds the highest number of global patents – 1000 to be exact, and you have a winner. Meaning 1000 new Toyota models are coming in the future. Who can compete with that?

6. Back in the 1950s, the company almost collapsed. It was saved by the Korean War. The company produced only 300 vehicles in mid 1950s as it was on the verge of bankruptcy. But as when the Korean War started, the US was in urgent need of vehicles. So it ordered around 5000 vehicles from Toyota. Consequently, the company was revived from the huge government paycheck. Talk of being rescued from the brink of failure.  Well, there aren’t many good things that come out of war but this was one of the few ones.

7. Despite competition from the likes of Tesla, Toyota is the world’s leading manufacturer of Hybrid vehicles. It is estimated that there are over 3 million hybrid Toyota vehicles on the road right now. The Toyota Prius is the most popular hybrid vehicle


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