“They’re All Alike!”: Hillary Clinton’s Joke About Two Black Politicians (VIDEO)

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, had fun on October 29 because a presenter has confused two black personalities. “They are all alike!”, She then slumped.

“I know they’re all alike!” Such was the seemingly tinged reaction of the former Democratic presidential candidate to the mistake of a presenter who confused two black Democratic politicians . In a video released Oct. 29, Hillary Clinton is interviewed by Kara Swisher, who works for Recode, a website dedicated to new technologies.

"They're all alike!": Hillary Clinton's joke about two black politicians (VIDEO)© Recode / YouTube; Jim Bourg / Reuters; Yuri Gripas / Reuters
Left: Hillary Clinton. Top right: Democratic Senator Cory Booker. Bottom right: Former US Attorney General appointed by Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder.


“What do you think [of Democratic Senator] Cory Booker, who basically said that it was necessary to hit [the Republicans] on the chin?” Asks the presenter to Hillary Clinton, referring to polemical remarks from the former Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder.


“Uh, that was Eric Holder,” the former First Lady replies, picking up her interlocutor. “I know they’re all alike!” She laughs then, causing laughter from the assembly and her interviewer. However, Cory Booker is a bald man and clean shaven while Eric Holder has gray hair and a mustache. 

A former prosecutor appointed by Barack Obama, Eric Holder had reacted to a sentence that Michelle Obama had made in October 2016. Referring to how to educate her daughters, and at the same time to fight the Republicans, she said: ” We explain to them that when someone is cruel or behaves like a tyrant, one must not lower oneself to his level. No, our motto is: “When they fall, we rise.”

On October 10, 2018, Eric Holder, as part of the Democratic campaign in Florida for the midterm elections, had diverted the formula of the former first lady in terms much less chivalrous. “Michelle [Obama] always says,” when they stoop, we rise “. No, when they fall, we hit them! “



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