“They Are So Nervous”: Putin Recalls That The Russian Army Does Not Threaten Anyone, Even The U.S!!

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, countries that express concern about Russian military exercises have nothing to fear.

Russia’s partners fear Russian military maneuvers are too “nervous”, as Russian army does not threaten anyone, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on a trip to Yaroslavl (300 km northeast of Moscow).

 Our army does not threaten anyone. I want to underline it (…). The army has become modern and efficient. The number of exercises and exercises, including surprise exercises, has increased significantly. This concerns our so-called partners. When they organize maneuvers, we do not worry. But our exercises irritate them, they are so nervous  , “said Putin.


He recalled that Russia has a vast territory and the increase in the number of Russian military exercises is called to guarantee the security of the country.

”  I want to repeat it, it’s important. We do not threaten anyone and we will not threaten anyone. We do not need it. Our territory is the largest in the world (…). Everyone knows that we must guarantee the security of our country and our people. Our army is capable of doing so and we intend to strengthen it  , “added President Putin.

According to him, the Russian authorities intend to computerize the troops, strengthen the secret services and pay particular attention to telecommunications systems and technological and precision weapons as part of their reform of the armed forces.



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