These Women Are Drawing The Male Genitals On Their Eyes – This Is Why!!

A new makeup trend is evidently making waves as women are now drawing penises in their eyes.

Makeup trend

Women have decided to do something different all in the name of makeup

Evidently, ‘trendy” women are drawing a very long, detailed penis on their eyeliner to show how fashionable they are.

eye liner trend

Many have posted their own attempt at this trend on social media.


Many people have been posting pictures of themselves rocking this new eyeliner style on social media.

According to reports, this off makeup move was pioneered by 19-year-old Asia Brautigam and it has been catching on.

Makeup trend

The trend originated from a 19-year-old girl

According to Asia, she was not trying to poke fun at makeup artists like most once thought. She said, “I think they’re all creative and amazingly talented! My dick-liner will never compare!

In case you are wondering how to get in on the trend, here is a video that gives you a clear tutorial.


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