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These Two Black Entrepreneurs Are Set to Launch Affordable Cargo Airline in South Africa

Businesses and individuals use cargo airlines to ship products from one location to another. Unfortunately, the cost of cargo transportation is quite expensive and keeps growing. This is what BBZR Cargo, a black-owned business, is seeking to address by launching a new cargo airline keen on offering the same kind of services, but at cheaper costs.

The South Africa-based airline wants to change the focus from foreign airlines, most of which are companies from countries that colonized the African region. The move will definitely bring back some power to the South African people even as they seek to cut down on external influences and help the country stand strong as a world power.

The BBZR Cargo team boasts of an amazing 40 years of combined experience in the airlines industry, with most of the team members being African citizens. The cargo service will use B-767 and B-777 planes, which are clearly among the best in the aviation industry. Each of the planes is expected to fly a total of 14 hours a day with a targeted 200 hours every month.


Depending on the service volume, the airline is planning to send out each aircraft between two and three times every week. Expectations are high that the numbers will rise as the business attracts more clients. One advantage they have is that they’re operating 24 hours a day, meaning they won’t have to deal with the high traffic seen when commercial aircrafts are landing and taking off. The beauty of cargo planes is that many of them can take off even during the night.

Even though plans are already underway, the creators of the idea are still soliciting for funds. Towards that effect, they’ve launched a crowdfunding initiative on Produzioni dal Basso. Their funding goal is $285,287 and all funds raised will be kept by the company, regardless of whether or not the campaign hits its target.

Investors have some benefits though. These include receiving books from South African authors such as the highly acclaimed Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Contributors who pump in $28,524 or more get the right to claim up to a selection of four top ranked South African wines.

At the time of writing this article, the campaign had raised only €10, with only 55 days to go to the end of the campaign.


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