These Russian Missiles are the Worst Nightmare of the US Military. Here’s why

At the end of May in Syria, the Russian army launched a guided missile Kh-59MK2 since the fifth generation multipurpose fighter Su-57. The video of the launch leaked in the press and made a lot of noise in the specialized publications.

The American daily The Daily Beast has assumed that the launch of the Kh-59MK2 guided missile from the Su-57 fighter   was a fake – and even the video presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense did not change its mind. This test in the Syrian sky has yet smoothly, wrote onThursday, June 7 .

In order to make the most of fifth-generation aircraft, they must be equipped with the appropriate weapons. No “stealth” plane is able to stay untouchable when it drops bombs and missiles on its enemies. This stealth especially offers him the possibility of launching a surprise attack against the enemy. For these purposes he needs modern long-range missiles.

In the 1970s, Soviet engineers launched the design of an air-to-ground missile to launch a shot while remaining out of reach of the enemy’s anti-aircraft forces. According to this doctrine, the aircraft had to be able to launch a high-precision projectile, destroy the target and leave without being detected by the enemy’s anti-aircraft defense.


From 1975 to 1977, the tests of the Kh-59 Ovod missile bore fruit. Subsequently, the Ovods have been modernized several times, notably on the basis of the results of their practical use.

In 2001, for the first time, photos of the Kh-95MK were presented. Eight years later, we saw the first images of the most modern version: the Kh-95MK2, whose main element was its long cylindrical fuselage with an extensible head and a shield.

The video presented recently by the Ministry of Defense, however, shows a completely different missile: rectangular, it looks more like a drone than a conventional air missile. But what are the reasons for these drastic changes?

First, the missile must be compact enough to be placed in the interior compartments of the aircraft. One could of course use the external points of suspension, but that would make the plane much more detectable by the radars.

Secondly, the missile has been modernized taking into account modern technologies that prevent its detection by radar.

What are his abilities? The Kh-95MK2 has a very important range, which explains its considerable dimensions. According to experts, this missile can hit the target at a distance of 400 km, while the range of its version with an extended fuel reserve could reach 1000 km. 
Its precision error is only 3 or 5 meters, while its warhead weighing 320 kg is enough to destroy virtually any type of target.

It is not surprising that the launch of this missile caused an incredulous reaction by some Western experts who said it was not possible.

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