These European Countries Are Considered To Be Within Range Of The Missiles Of North Korea

In 2017, North Korea has increased its ballistic and nuclear tests, raising the concern of many states. One wonders if Pyongyang will decide to use his weapons in a real fight. Anyway, which countries can North Korean missiles reach?

The greater part of Europe would be threatened if  North Korea could turn  its words into action and start firing medium and long-range missiles, according to ABC, after studying the available information on the range of missiles north Korean.

Since February, Pyongyang has conducted 15 ballistic and nuclear tests, most of which have been successful. In particular, it fired two Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missiles   with a range of 8,500 km. A missile flew over Japan in September. Another test caused an earthquake in China.

Their use endangers the whole of Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece, the Scandinavian countries, Germany, northeastern Italy, Scotland, the north of England , Alaska, western Canada, as well as the Near East, India, northeastern Egypt, northern Somalia, and most of Australia, including Perth and Brisbane, notes the channel.


In recent months, North Korea has also tested a missile with a  range of 10,000 km . In this context, we can consider the whole of Europe, with the exception of parts of southern Spain and Portugal, as a territory at risk. Among the threatened territories are also Tunisia, Egypt, Australia, most of East Africa and Libya, the American cities of New York, Los Angeles and Washington, the neo-American city. Zealand from Auckland and northwestern Mexico.

Pyongyang also has medium-range missiles (4,500 km) that pose a threat to most of China, eastern Russia, most countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand. and the Philippines, as well as Guam Island, home to two US military bases.

Countries within 2,000 km of North Korea should also be wary of medium-range North Korean  missiles  that are quite reliable. Only two of the nine missile tests of this type have failed. This should warn the Japanese, including the people of Tokyo, as well as the people of northeastern China, eastern Mongolia and southeastern Russia.

Pyongyang also has  Scud-C MaRV  and  Scud-B MaRV missiles  that can strike areas within  1,000 km . These missiles are especially dangerous for the neighbors of North Korea which are South Korea and Japan.

Missiles fired by North Korean submarines also pose a threat. They currently have a range of 1,200 km, but can potentially hit targets within a 2,800 km radius, endangering the Pacific region.


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