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These Countries Don’t Exist On The World’s Map, Rejected By United Nations, Yet People Take Ghost Visas To Visit Them

Freetown Christiana

They are several things that don’t catch our eye. We tend to be okay with that. But what if you are missing out on acknowledging a whole well-inhabited country?

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The idea of non-recognition is highly depressing for these other countries, who have to fight for their place on the world maps as they are not accepted by the United Nations.

Who are these? You may ask. Here are top five for you to know.

1. Crimea

This is the land you dreamed of in fairy-tales. Having a rich cultural heritage, this country is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea.

Crimea covers an ginormous amount of land, an area of approximately 27,000 square km. It also shares its land border with Ukraine on the north.

Crimea has had a tumultuous past, as it was annexed by the Russians in 1783 and became a republic as a part of USSR. It was called Crimean Oblast during the second World War.

Did we tell you that Nat Geo ended naming it in the top 20 destinations to travel to in the world in 2014?

2.  Christiania (Also known as ‘Freetown Christiania’)

The country is generally called Freetown Christiania, and is located across 34 hectares of land in a small part of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. It houses up to 850 residents.

However, Christiania was closed for a stipulated period of time by its residents back in the April of 2011, when they were having clashes with the Danish government regarding their future, but things are relaxed now.

Christiania is also famous for its gay activism as it has a popular hangout called Gay House which throws the most extravagant parties and theatre for homosexuals.

3. Republic Of Lakotah

The Republic Of Lakotah is one of the most populated countries in this list. It is inhabited by more than 100,000 people.

It is located in the middle of America surrounded with states like Montana and North Dakota.

As the history of Lakotah goes, back in the 18th century when the people of Lakotah signed a deal with the American government which promised them the right to live in the Black Hills freely. But, US government forgot all about that and they had to live through the atrocities inflicted on them.

However, the American government issued an apology in the year 1998 and the court ordered to compensate the Lakotah Sioux for nearly $600 million. Obviously, the people refrained from the help. Back in the year 2007, the Republic Of Lakotah announced a formal withdrawal from the US. They continue to fight for their independence.

4. Barotesland

Barotseland is inhabited by nearly 3.5 million and located in a region surrounded with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia.

It has a diverse and rich culture represented by over 20 individual tribes from around the region. The inhabitants of Barotseland speak Silozi, a complex language which is created from several tribal languages.

5. Sealand

A large flat-bottomed towed used for the transportation of bulk cargo with an appearance of a weathered oil rig is one of the most amazing countries of the world.

It is located nearly 13 kilometres away from the British coastline and accounts for being the world’s smallest sovereign entity.

It was built back during the World War II and it was made to stand approximately six kilometres away from the British marine territory without anyone’s legal claim over it. Even the UK decided to not take over the claim for it.

When in the Christmas eve of the year 1966 came, a former British military serviceman named Roy Bates decided to claim it. He named it the sovereign Principality of Sealand.

Roy even announced his wife a Princess. Roy Bates’ son, Prince Michael Bates now presides over the country of Sealand.

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